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The costumes worn by judges are just about the most distinctive working wardrobe in existence. The costume of a High Court judge, for example — a long robe, a full hood with a cowl covering the shoulders and a mantle or cloak — was more or less established by the time of Edward III and was based on the correct dress for attending the royal court. The material for these robes was originally given to judges as a grant from the Crown, and included ermine and taffeta or silk.

The colours were violet for winter and green in summer, with scarlet for best, but the last mention of green robes dates back to

Attorneys will only receive credit for attending accredited courses, which have been of a traditional course must be received prior to the course date or up to

This is a list of the first women lawyer s and judge s in Europe. It includes the year in which the women were admitted to practice law in parentheses. Also included are the first women in their country to achieve a certain distinction such as obtaining a law degree. An unknown woman became the first female judge in Montenegro in She had served in the Basic Court. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. References [ edit ]. Retrieved Human Rights in Post-communist Albania. Human Rights Watch. Panorama Albania. August 21, Balkan Insight.

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This ban helps judges decide cases fairly since their decisions are based only on the evidence and arguments presented to the court and the applicable law. It also preserves public trust in the legal and court system. In a civil case, the party who initiates the lawsuit is called the plaintiff or, sometimes, the petitioner or complainant.

If you fail to appear for your court date, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are not represented by an attorney, such as in a traffic case, it is your.

About two months ago, I made a mistake. That was not the mistake! Writing for the Newsletter is a good thing! It seemed like it would be easy and fun. Then it came time to actually write the article. Our esteemed editor, Matt Kirsh, sent me a reminder. I wrote him back that I was happy to write a case note. That was the mistake! It is easier and more fun to write a case note!

I asked for and received their help in writing this article. I promised my fellow Judges that I would not quote any of them; but would thank them in this article for their help. Anything good in this article is due to them. Blame me for the bad! All of us Judges like and respect Family Law Attorneys.

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The following question was submitted to John Roska. My friend got defaulted and lost his case. You could maybe go for your spouse. Individuals can, of course, always represent themselves. For federal courts, federal law says pretty much the same thing. Spouses can represent each other, but only when they get sued together.

The reason divorce lawyers counsel against dating while the divorce is pending, Judges, however, rarely punish someone who begins dating – sexually or.

Information on this web page is general in nature. Descriptions of laws and court procedures are abbreviated. This information is not intended as legal advice. Representarse en el tribunal sin abogado The Iowa Judicial Branch is pleased to provide this translation of this form. The translation has been prepared by a certified interpreter and we believe it to be accurate. However, in the event of any discrepancy, please refer to the original form itself. You must use the Iowa eFile system to file electronically unless you get permission from the court to file in paper.

Do not miss your court date. If you fail to appear on a scheduled court date for a civil action, the judge may enter a default judgment against you and find in favor of the other party. Also, the judge may find you in contempt of court.

Admission to the Vermont Bar

Use the PDF version for a print copy. This Guide provides accused persons with general information about criminal trials. This is not a full or complete review of the criminal process. It does not cover every circumstance that might arise in your case.

After the complaint and answer, the judge meets with the lawyers to work out a schedule. The judge issues a case management order, setting all dates and.

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Public defenders are appointed by the court for defendants who cannot afford to hire private counsel. If you have not bonded out, the court will automatically appoint a public defender for you at your first court date, called your arraignment. If you have bonded out and wish to be represented by a public defender, you must fill out an application and present it to the judge at your next court date. If you are able to pay for a bond, the court will presume that you are financially able to hire a private attorney.

It means that you must demonstrate financial need to the judge before he or she will appoint a public defender for you. How much money can I make and still qualify for the services of the Public Defender?

The service in Westminster Abbey dates back to when judges prayed for members of the European Court and other overseas judges and lawyers.

This guide does not provide legal advice. It is recommended that all parties seek legal advice where possible. The court process can take time, so you may want to ask a judge for a temporary decision, before a final decision is reached in your case. This is called making a motion. For example, you might ask the judge for a temporary order that says where the children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent.

Any party in a case may make a motion , unless a judge has ordered otherwise. If you are the person making a motion, you are called the moving party. The other person is called the responding party. Rule 14 of the Family Law Rules tells you about motions. In most cases, you must attend at least one conference to discuss the main issues in your case before you are allowed to make a motion for a temporary order.

There are very limited exceptions, including:. You should think carefully before you make a motion for a temporary order before a conference.

List of first women lawyers and judges in Africa

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Under the Judicial Code of Conduct, judges may not permit or consider “ex parte other party to your case (or the party’s attorney) before you send it to the court. letter, or document, the time and date it was received and file it with the other.

Announcements, resources and event changes that may affect South Carolina Bar members. See the revised Order. On March 17, , Court Administration issued a directive on behalf of Chief Justice Donald Beatty that those Family Court cases which are subject to be stricken from the roster pursuant to the Day Rule be extended for 90 days prior to taking any action on those cases. Effective immediately, the Chief Justice has lifted the 90 day extension and the Day Rule is now enforceable as written.

All matters subject to the Day Rule that are days or older, and in which a motion for a continuance has not been filed, are subject to being stricken. Please be advised that the Chief Justice may revisit this decision in 60 to 90 days. Accordingly, lawyers and judges may earn all or any portion of the CLE credit they are required to obtain for the annual reporting year through online or telephonic programs.

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Most of us lawyers are honest when we say we are not available for a court date. No, I can’t say all – that would neither be realistic nor true no slight intended for the lawyers in this case. In contentious cases however, almost everyone is paranoid and doesn’t easily believe what they are being told.

Lawyer and Paralegal Directory: You can search on-line for lawyers and If it is a trial date, and the judge does not adjourn the case, your trial might go ahead.

If you need more time to get ready for a court hearing or trial, you may be able to get a continuance. A “continuance” changes the date of a court hearing or trial to a later date. This article tells you how to ask the judge for a continuance. A continuance changes the date of a court hearing or trial to a later date. You can ask a judge for a continuance by filing a motion for continuance.

If the other side agrees to the continuance, the judge will usually sign an order granting your continuance without a continuance hearing. A judge will give you a continuance if you can show good cause. The lawyer can tell you whether or not the judge is likely to give you a continuance. This form tells the judge you need a continuance and the other side has agreed. Fill it out completely in blue or black ink and sign it.

Check box a on the order form. Box a must be checked before you ask the other side and the judge to sign the order form. If you and the other party have agreed to reset the hearing or trial date to another date , you must also check box b and box c.

Judge Freaks Out in Court: “I Hope You Die in Prison!”

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