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Except for a raid on St. Albans during the s, which has the claim to fame of being the northern most battle of the Civil War, there have not been any battles fought on Vermont soil since the age of photography which begins just prior to the Civil War. However, it may be possible to find men in military uniform in an historic Vermont photo. Drills, victory parades, final goodbyes and welcome backs from war, and bridge and dam projects are a few of the events that have been captured on film. Following is a brief discussion on the evolution of military uniforms. Uniforms of the Civil War era are generally characterized by their long coats, with single or double breasted brass buttons from the neck to the waist.

WW2 RAF Flying Helmets

The soldier on the right wears a helmet with a late model helmet net and elastic foliage band while the helmet on the soldier on the left exhibits common paint loss to the helmet rim. Few questions evoke so many opinions as this one often asked at shows, auctions, or online forums. Sometimes, the people answering the question seem to try outdo others by over-complicating an already complicated evaluation.

In order to accurately deduce if a M1 helmet and liner are of WWII origin , it is important to know the basic manufacturing characteristics of the helmet and liner.

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About Us Email Us. There is a large variety of helmet shapes and designs. This fact has helped propelled the field of collecting helmets. While the hobby has growing popularity the value of the items has increased. This section of the website provides a pictorial guide to the various helmets that were used by countries during the periods of WWI through today. This is also an identification and price guide for collectible helmets around the world.

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We will tell you about this helmet and its previous versions SSh36, SSh39 in this article. In s the Red Army used Adrian helmet purchased in France. As a result, in new model SSh was accepted for service. A new SSh got an original semi-spherical shape with a cap pushing out and side pent slopes. On the upper part of the helmet there was a comb which served as a firm rib and covered an air hole this element was obviously borrowed from an Adrian helmet.

SSh 36 was painted in a dark-green or khaki color. On a forehead part there was a five-pointed star contour painted in red color. This first own-produced Soviet helmet served for the Red Army soldiers in many military conflicts, in particular:. However, despite of this fact, these flaws, the first years of the World War II a big part of Soviet troops was equipped with these helmets.

This, by the way, is proved by diggings in the district of Stalingrad. Our team found several SSh on defense positions near Kalach-on-Don. This helmet became a prototype of a famous Soviet SSh40, which was produced since SSh40, unlike a model, had a firmer and simpler liner.

Japanese Samurai Helmet Date Masamune

These liners differ in that color of helmet HBT webbing was changed from khaki or Olive Drab 3 to a darker green color known as Olive Drab 7. Much later, liners switched to using stronger dating webbing and had the neck support. In steel s, the M1 helmet liner was redesigned, steel the leather chin strap, nape strap and a change in the suspension webbing to a pattern resembling an asterisk the a coarse cotton web material in dating of the earlier herringbone twill. In the early s, materials changed to a thicker, more flexible helmet with a rougher unbeveled rim.

Later changes helmet a move to a yellow and green material for liner construction. Around late or early , the United States Marine Corps used a cloth camouflage-patterned helmet cover for its helmets.

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Helmets are as old as war itself, and were some of the very first forms of protective equipment for those engaged in warfare. As warfare and weapons evolved, so did the helmets used to protect against them. Helmets made from leather, evolved into brass, bronze, steel and then to the complex modern fibers of today. We will be looking at each major period and discussing the evolution, protection offered, and comparisons to those helmets before and after.

On the inside there was a strong lining on interwoven straps, onto which a felt cap had been sewn in. The outside was cleverly adorned all around with rows of white tusks from a shiny-toothed boar, the tusks running in alternate directions in each row. With several discoveries of actual helmets carbon dating back to 14th century BC.

The combination of leather and tusks make for a helmet that provides limited blunt and edge resistance. It may have protected well against slings, and glancing blade edge blows. Most actual helmets found, weigh between 1. Providing a very lightweight option in comparison to future helmets, even in today’s world of light-weight advanced fiber technology.

We have to assume that it was rather comfortable with the leather liner, as we doubt the National Archaeological Museum in Athens where they have one on display would let us try it on!

Dating the M1 Steel Helmet

Later production of M40 and M42 helmets have the factory code stamped on the inside rear skirt above the lot number stamp. Early rivets were made of brass with zinc coating and subsequently changed to steel rivets with zinc coating. Early production rivets can also be found in aluminum but only in small numbers.

World War II helmets had khaki (early) or OD #7 (late) webbing chin straps These and other differences useful for dating the M-1 helmet are.

Each German helmet is marked on the flange with a manufacture mark and size stamp. Helmets were produced in sizes There are at least 14 known manufactures. It is believed that more then 7 million helmets were produced during the period of The German military went to great lengths to insure quality control of their helmets. Contemporary records dating to June of , show one helmet out of a lot of was tested for steel integrity on the rifle range during ballistic testing – multiple shots at a distance of 40 meters using an antiquated black powder 11mm Mauser.

If the inward dent exceeded 2mm or other failure occurred, a further 5 helmets from the lot were to be tested. If these failed, the lot was scrapped and the steel mill which supplied the ingot was required to overtake the costs for scrapping them. During the final acceptance, each helmet was inspected in-plant by a quality control team made up of an Officer, NCO and a few Enlisted Men known as Abnahmekommando.

Prior to the installation of the liner, attention was given to weight, dimensions and paint adherence in addition to structural soundness of the shell. Each helmet that passed inspection was marked with an ink stamp made from a conjoined AK for Abnahmekommando on the inside rear flange by the acceptance officer. Great care was taken to make sure no flawed helmet left the factory.

Helmets were painted at the factory with smooth low-gloss linseed oil based enamel paint. The term field gray can be somewhat confusing as original helmets vary greatly in color.

WWII-Era M1 Helmets: A Beginner’s Guide

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Sometime postwar, between the end of WWII and the Korean War, the helmet texture changed to sand and the Helmet chinstraps also can help date a helmet.

By Grant G. I am pinning it as a reference but, all should be aware that it is not a perfect chart. Scott Bugme. Schlueter produced 2,, steel shells during WWII and I feel as though I have looked at every single one the past few days. Below, in the attached images, are my findings regarding Schlueter produced helmets, their lot numbers, loop variation, seam placement, rim construction, and chinstrap configuration. I have filled in with red text the common dates attributed to characteristic changes such as, the transition from front to rear seam, fixed loops to swivel loops, etc.

As for lot A, this lot precedes December due to its participation in a metallurgical examination that took place at that time. This chart is by no means set in stone; it is definitely possible that their are helmets out there that would alter transition dates, however I can assure you that the helmets below were included with much scrutiny. If a configuration seemed suspect, I would not add it without seeing photos. If I was unable to tell whether the straps were OD 3 or just really faded OD 7 it didn’t get included.

I made no assumptions regarding lot numbers, if it was not perfectly clear it did not get added. That being said, if you have a helmet that meets the criteria and is not already on the chart, please by all means post your findings. To keep the thread clean please do not post duplicates.

German Helmet Sizes & Liners

The MA1 helmet, adopted in , differed only in minor details. In , the M-1 “steel pot” helmet was adopted as a replacement in all the US armed services, although it did not become universal for at least another year. The new helmet was issued to the Marine Corps in the spring and early summer of At Guadalcanal , in August , the M1 helmet was common and the old “dishpan” helmet had mostly disappeared. After its adoption in , the M-1 Steel Helmet became the symbol of U.

With several discoveries of actual helmets carbon dating back to 14th century BC. over 22 million helmets would be manufactured by the end of World War II.

Posted June 8,. Posted June 9,. Can I ask if you are sure that ” is a Schlueter produced M1. Any S stamp you can see? Looks to be a much later M1 fixed dating helmet on straps. As you say, post war. Posted June 11,. Couldn’t find an “S” stamped anywhere near dating number. That helmet came with a liner so its most likely post-war, too. Got it before I dating better. I like the crushed cork texture on it, though. Do you know if wwii, or sawdust, was used on helmets during WW2?

Posted June 13,. Cork would have been the ‘norm’ for helmets of the period.

US Helmets and Covers from WW2 to Present Day

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